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We offer Window Tint Removal and Replacement, Car Audio, Car Alarm, Sales, Service, Installations, and Troubleshooting

We also do small electrical repairs on window switches, door locks repairs , and

Headlight Restorations

Below are our Window Tint film lines


  • *Hightest Quality Film Line We Offer 
  • *Excellent Scratch Resistant Hard Coat  Best Clarity *Highest Heat Rejection Film Line
  • UVA , UVB, & IR Ray Protection (Protects From Cancer Causing Rays)
  • *Warranty : No Bubbling, Cracking, Peeling, Flaking, Delaminating, Blurring 
  •  Purpling, & No Fading
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Warranty On (Materials & Labor on Legally Installed Film)
  • *Made For Vehicles With Tight Door Seals
  • *Typically Lasts 7-10 years
  • Car tint prices start off at $400-up
  • Truck tint prices start off at $450-up
  • Suv's tint prices start off at 495-up
  • Mini van tint prices start off at $550-up

                                                            MAXPRO HIGH PERFORMANCE  FILM LINE

  • Best Quality Film
  • Non-Fading /High Heat Rejection
  • Best Clarity Film
  • Best Scratch Resistant Hardcoat
  • Warranty on No Bubbling, Cracking, Peeling, Flaking, Blurring, Delaminating, Purpling, Demetalization & Fading
  • Made for Vehicles with Tight Door Seals
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Warranty On (materials & labor on legally installed film)
  • Typically Lasts 7-10 Years
  • cars starting at $300-up
  • trucks starting at $350-up
  • suv's starting at $395-up
  • mini vans starting at $450-up
Maxpro High Performance Film

                                           MAXPRO MAXJET pREMIUM fILM lINE

Maxpro Maxjet Premium Film
  • Mid-Grade Film Line
  • Good Scratch-Resistant Hardcoat
  • Good Clarity Film
  • Warranty on No Bubbling, Cracking, Peeling, Flaking, Blurring, Delaminating & Purpling
  • Nationwidw Lifetime Warranty
  • Warranty on (materials & labor on legally installed film)

  • Made For vehicles with tight door sealsTypically Lasts 3-4 YearsC
  • Car tint starting off at $220-up
  • Truck tint starting off at $280-up
  • Suv tint starting off at $325-up
  • Mini van starting off at $350-up

                          Solarfree entry level film line

Genesis Window Films
  • Entry Level
  • Film Only Sold on Groupon
  • (50% light film only) 
  • Not Recommended on Vehicles with Tight Door Seals. 
  • Lifetime Warranty On (materials only on legally installed film)
  • Warranty on No Bubbling, Cracking or Peeling
  • Typically Lasts 1-2 Years (short-term film) Only sold on Groupon
  • please call to verify your vehicle will qualify for this limited vehicle offer


Remove tint on 2 front door windows $40

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